Torch On Membrane System

Torch On Membrane System

Waterproofing leak Repair

Nuralite Nuraply Roofing Services in Auckland

Nuraply 3PM, Nuraply flat roofing membrane is a Waterproofing membrane consisting of non-woven polyester coated with plastomer bitumen. With slate layer in either Charcoal, Slate, White, Red or Green.

The Nuraply 3PM is New Zealand most specified flat roof system. Nuraply 3PM is a robust, reinforced bituminous waterproofing sheet. Installed as two complete waterproofing layers for redundancy the completed system is commonly called “bulletproof”

The roof can be finished in a choice of five standard shades of mineral chip which give a textured finish to the roofs surface. The mineral chip surface provides a natural look while providing UV protection. The first layer consists of 3mm thick Nuraply 3PB or 3PV which are laid with heat welded lap joints.

The cap sheet is 4mm thick polymer modified bitumen with a heavy reinforcing layer of non-woven polyester inside topped off with embedded mineral chips. The Nuraply 3PM system is suitable for installing over plywood, concrete or Nuratherm insulated roof substrates.

The Nuraply 3PM system is suitable for flat roofs or on decks protected from foot traffic by installing tiles or timber decks on Nurajacks.

Green Roof System - Nuraply 3PG

Nuralite Nuraply 3PG, one of the best green roof membrane systems in New Zealand. Green Roofs, or living roofs, are an innovative and celebrated feature of sustainable design.

The robust Nuraply 3PG membrane provides the two layers of waterproofing in any green roof design.
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